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April 6 is the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. It was on this occasion that the internationally recognized sports days of Brussels Play4Peace were organized. Following the health crisis which affects us all, Play4Peace has decided to replace this great sports day with a forum.

By being part of the "Decade of Action" - A decade of action for the SDGs, the Play4Peace Forum will be a moment of exchange and sharing but also an opportunity to raise awareness among young people, but also stakeholders. s from the sports world to the SDG, in particular the objectives mentioned below 1) fight against poverty; 3) good health and well-being; 4) quality education; 5) gender equality, 10) reduce inequalities; 16) Peace, justice and effective institutions. As a United Nations text mentions, sport is a real tool for contributing and raising awareness of the 17 SDGs.
The Play4Peace Forum will be a moment of exchange and sharing, but also an opportunity to raise awareness among the sport family and decision-makers about the importance of sport in achieving certain 2030 sustainable development goals.


The Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace, Wilfried Lemke, highlighted the essential role of sport in the realization of the SDGs, which enables meeting, inclusion and peace. . It is therefore no coincidence that our association is called "Play 4 Peace" because we are convinced that sport is one of the vectors that help break down social and cultural barriers.
It is in this perspective that our association wishes to be part of awareness raising and realization through SDG Voices. We are fully committed to the decade of action for the objectives of sustainable development, for the next ten years, hence the creation of our youth committee "Brussels Sport Youth Leaders" which has the mission of involving young people in the objectives. sustainable development.

"I am Bouzrouti Yousra and I am 19 years old. Three months ago I got to know the association thanks to a friend. I have had the opportunity to participate in the inspirational talks, which have taught me a lot, especially in the field of self-development and self-confidence. It has motivated me to persevere and never to give up. Ayman is an incredible person who helps young people to show the best of themselves. And for that I want to thank him very much! He encouraged me to believe in myself more and to broaden my view of this world. There is so much to discover and experience, and together with the entire youth team, we are going to make something great out of it!"

Yousra Bouzrouti
Industrial Engineer Student (VUB)


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