Play 4 Peace House

The Play 4 Peace House

We dreamed of a calm and motivating workplace for young people, but the existing spaces in Brussels did not perfectly meet our conditions. Failing to find the ideal space, we imagined our place, yours !


The Play 4 Peace House offers young people the opportunity to meet, to discuss their culture and to learn from their differences, with a goal of unity where everyone has a role to play.

Create or expand your network, expand your skills, gain confidence.

Different activities are offered there, tutoring, cooking workshop, Dutch and English lessons ... or even developing projects such as creating a start-up.



Throughout the year, inspirational talks and quality training are offered free of charge to help young people in their personal and professional development.

Sharing and fun are the watchwords of Play 4 Peace House

In an inspiring and dynamic setting, everyone makes a contribution. 

A welcoming, modern house, accessible to all and free of charge.


"Working with Play4Peace was a real privilege. We had to deal with a passionate and motivated team who want to help young people to create links and to develop personally. Objectives particularly important in this cosmopolitan city that is Brussels. Play4Peace to me. recalled that you must always keep an open mind in all circumstances. I have fond memories of this and I hope to be able to collaborate with them again in the future."

Ihecs student - Member of the Hackathon team who worked on the strategy of our new communication.


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