Training courses


List of training courses 2023 - 2024

  • Self-awareness
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Communication strategy
  • Developing your Critical Thinking
  • Getting the best out of artificial intelligence
  • Making a positive environmental and social impact
  • Business plan best practices
  • The keys to good leadership
  • The contribution of sport to business creation
  • How to develop your network
  • Personal development weekends
  • How to achieve multicultural collaboration
  • How to engage and develop your team

What's more, once a month we'll gather the young people around a coach to discuss the training they've completed, the lessons they've learned, break down prejudices and encourage them to listen, see and perceive the world around them in a positive, optimistic way.


Coachs 2023 - 2024

Olivier de Brauwere
Olivier de Brauwere Co-Founder Brussels Beer Project
Alexandre Helson
Alexandre Helson Co-CEO - Chief Spectaculoos Officer
Stéphanie Reniers
Stéphanie Reniers Co-founder & CEO Gentis Recruitment
Claudia Lomma
Claudia Lomma Producer and Podcast host & Keynote speaker
Olivia Borlée
Olivia Borlée Co-founder - Creative at 42|54 / Professional Athlete
Alexandra Boël
Alexandra Boël Lawyer, mediator and coach
Sofia Trenor Michelena
Sofia Trenor Michelena Director EU Affairs Public Policy at Amazon Web Services
Thierry Zintz
Thierry Zintz Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain
Vanessa Terrier
Vanessa Terrier Creative Coordinator & Account Director at SEC Newgate UE
Cécile Vennat
Cécile Vennat Facilitator & Coach
Olivier Hermann
Olivier Hermann Health & Sport Coach
Nicolas Meeus
Nicolas Meeus Founder & Human Coach in Organizations & Sport at Teamfullness
Zakaria Marzouki
Zakaria Marzouki Managing Director at PeopleTek
Hugues Pirotte
Hugues Pirotte Finance Professor, Solvay BS (ULB) & Co-founder of FinMetrics
Olivier Witmeur
Olivier Witmeur Entrepreneurship teacher & Serial Entrepreneur

"Play4Peace contributes to my personal development in many areas (non-exhaustive list): at the intrapersonal level, I develop new skills through the training and responsibilities offered, at the interpersonal level I make enriching encounters and academically I can study at the Play4Peace House in optimal conditions. Participating in organized activities and events is always a golden opportunity! "

Moussia Garelik
Student in human and social sciences at ULB


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