Inspirational journey


As part of the Academy, we close each program with a week of inspiration in an international city.

This inspiration week is an exceptional opportunity for young people to live an immersive and enriching experience. They will have the chance to meet entrepreneurs, start-ups and other key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a dynamic city.

The main aim of the week is to inspire young people and enable them to discover new perspectives, push back their limits and broaden their vision of the world. By meeting successful entrepreneurs, visiting incubators and taking part in stimulating exchanges and discussions, they will be able to develop their open-mindedness, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Through this inspirational week in the USA, the Play4Peace Academy offers young people a transformative experience that goes beyond the walls of the classroom and prepares them to meet the challenges of the professional world with confidence, open-mindedness and determination.

Each student will be asked to contribute €550 to take part in the trip, with the remainder of the costs covered by youth-led fundraising and financial support from our partners.

"I had the opportunity to do an internship at Play 4 Peace alongside Ayman. During this period I had the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects and this allowed me to develop professionally but also personally. Play 4 Peace is a family that made me understand several things that will be useful to me throughout my life. I cannot thank Ayman enough for his kindness, his support and his sharing. It is an association which will remain engraved forever in me and I am proud to have been able to bring my little touch. "

Rafael Veloso
Former intern


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