Every student at the academy will have the opportunity to be put in touch with a mentor.

Having a mentor will create a personal bond between the student and a trusted, experienced adult who can provide advice and support. This can help students feel closer to the academy and improve their overall well-being. Mentors will be able to provide valuable information and advice on a range of topics, such as study, careers and personal development, challenges to developing one's company, helping students to set goals and realize their full potential. In addition, offering regular one-to-one meetings with mentors ensures that students have a safe and confidential space to discuss any difficulties, life issues or ideas they may have. This can encourage self-reflection and help students develop the resilience and problem-solving skills that are essential for success in life. Overall, the presence of a mentor will contribute to students' academic, personal, social and professional development and have a positive impact on their lives beyond the academy.

Mentors will agree to be available at least once a month for their mentee. By telephone, video conference or over coffee, depending on availability.

A nice touch would be for each mentor to invite his or her mentee to a networking event once or twice a year, to introduce him or her to new people and new professional environments.

The mentoring program will be constantly evaluated to refine the added value over the years.


Mentors 2023 - 2024

Edoardo Agamennone
Edoardo Agamennone Managing Partner at Levante Capital & International Adjunct Professor
Nora Bafrouri
Nora Bafrouri Global VAT & Technology Leader at Trane Technologies
Amel Lavoisier
Amel Lavoisier Founder Maison Lavoisier
Frederik Dedigon
Frederik Dedigon Lending Manager Professional Needs for French speaking Belgium at BNP Paribas Fortis
Mimouna Laanan
Mimouna Laanan Freelance consultant & Certified Coach
Charles-Antoine Huybrechts
Charles-Antoine Huybrechts Partner Biguine & Serial entrepreneur
Antoine Woitrin
Antoine Woitrin Founder & CEO at Posidonia Salt
Sofia Trenor Michelena
Sofia Trenor Michelena EU Affairs Public Policy Director at Amazon Web Services
Zaccaria Aghemio
Zaccaria Aghemio Founder of Naki Power
Badria Haouari
Badria Haouari Senior Consultant Business Transformation & HR Expert
Ihsane Haouach
Ihsane Haouach Author, Trainer and Speaker
Benoit Coppée
Benoit Coppée Board Member Pairi Daiza Foundation
Hana Amour-Bachiri
Hana Amour-Bachiri Co-Founder Pavimmo
Mathieu de Lophem
Mathieu de Lophem Partner at Nuketech
Ilhème Mechbal
Ilhème Mechbal General Manager MIA Trading
Roland Vaxelaire
Roland Vaxelaire Co-Founder IFF Europe
Valentine Berghmans
Valentine Berghmans Chief Sustainability Officer - Lhoist
Saïd Mellouli
Saïd Mellouli Executive Coach & IT Consultant
Ali Redouane
Ali Redouane Global Marketing Manager, Chevron
Loubna Azghoud
Loubna Azghoud Digital Economy Expert
Augustin van Rijckevorsel
Augustin van Rijckevorsel Founder at Circle - Cabinet de conseil en stratégie

"I had the opportunity to do an internship at Play 4 Peace alongside Ayman. During this period I had the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects and this allowed me to develop professionally but also personally. Play 4 Peace is a family that made me understand several things that will be useful to me throughout my life. I cannot thank Ayman enough for his kindness, his support and his sharing. It is an association which will remain engraved forever in me and I am proud to have been able to bring my little touch. "

Rafael Veloso
Former intern


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