Photo Workshop - Reportage & Portraits


In addition to our various training courses and inspirational talks (networking, negotiation and leadership), it is important to us to offer new tools to young people with fewer opportunities to help them develop, allow them to learn new skills or strengthen them and land their dream job or create their own.

In this ambition, we launched at the beginning of 2022, a theoretical and practical training in photography with the support of the National Lottery thanks to the call for projects « the fight against poverty and social inclusion - Social integration by sports and photography ».

A program of 10 half-days of 4 hours :

  • History, techniques & shots
  • Screening of documentaries
  • Principles of photography: Camera Obscura / Pinhole
  • Build a human-sized pinhole camera
  • Master a digital reflex camera
  • Understand the rules and the art of photography
  • Discover studio photography
  • Edit photos
  • Learn photography through action in the field
  • Exhibit your own photos

The end of this program, beginning of 2023, was celebrated during our end-of-year dinner in June with a "Reportage / Portraits" photo exhibition in the sports world; portraits that were made by the young people of Play4Peace who participated in the training.

A great highlight also of our sporting activity which is that of golf in partnership with the Brussels Drohme Golf Club.

"I am Bouzrouti Yousra and I am 19 years old. Three months ago I got to know the association thanks to a friend. I have had the opportunity to participate in the inspirational talks, which have taught me a lot, especially in the field of self-development and self-confidence. It has motivated me to persevere and never to give up. Ayman is an incredible person who helps young people to show the best of themselves. And for that I want to thank him very much! He encouraged me to believe in myself more and to broaden my view of this world. There is so much to discover and experience, and together with the entire youth team, we are going to make something great out of it!"

Yousra Bouzrouti
Industrial Engineer Student (VUB)


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