Play4Peace at the Wellbeing Summit


Play4Peace at the Wellbeing Summit

At Play4Peace, we are proud of our recent participation in the prestigious Wellbeing Summit held at TheMerode. This event brought together experts, advocates, and leading thinkers in the field of well-being and mental health.

Highlights included our young member Nisrine speaking alongside figures such as Shadille Estepan from Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, Nicolas Janssen, a member of the Walloon Parliament and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, and Professor Khinzang Lhendup, a renowned contemplative scholar from Bhutan.

The central topic of discussion, youth mental health, is a matter close to our hearts. Nisrine bravely shared her personal experience, shedding light on the challenges related to social media and the pressure it places on today's youth. She discussed how these platforms can affect self-esteem and the perception of the world among young people, as well as the lack of support infrastructure.

Her contribution underscored the importance of creating safe spaces and tailored resources for young people facing mental health challenges. Her intervention served as a powerful reminder that our work at Play4Peace is more relevant and necessary than ever.

The Wellbeing Summit provided us with a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness about these crucial issues and highlight our ongoing commitment to the well-being of young people. It strengthened our determination to break down social and cultural barriers and provide vulnerable youth with the tools to overcome mental health challenges.

Our participation in this summit not only reaffirmed our role as passionate advocates for the well-being of young people but also opened doors to new collaborations and initiatives to enhance the mental health and well-being of youth in Brussels and beyond.

"Play4Peace contributes to my personal development in many areas (non-exhaustive list): at the intrapersonal level, I develop new skills through the training and responsibilities offered, at the interpersonal level I make enriching encounters and academically I can study at the Play4Peace House in optimal conditions. Participating in organized activities and events is always a golden opportunity! "

Moussia Garelik
Student in human and social sciences at ULB


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