Youth Inclusion Forum


Play4Peace was at the European Parliament as part of the Youth Inclusion Forum!

An event organized by Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y), which works for social inclusion in more than 14 countries.

All across Europe, many young people are experiencing the consequences of a social and economic crisis that reinforces social exclusion. Through dialogue and exchange, it is important to bring these topics to the forefront of discussions.

"If we want to build a more inclusive society, it can only be done by involving our beautiful youth," said Ayman Ramdani.

Because the inclusion of all is a matter of great importance to Play4Peace, we discussed it alongside a distinguished panel consisting of Ihsane Haouach, Farah Ridane, Bernard Clerfayt, and Charles-Henri de Maleissye-Melun.

We also had the pleasure of listening to the inspiring exchanges of Olivier De Schutter, Nicolas Janssen, Fatima Zibouh, Tahar El Hamdaoui, and Frédéric Simonart during a second panel. All of this was concluded with enlightening remarks from Jean-Christophe Tellier.

We would like to thank Emmanuel Blin, Emilie de Gerlache for organizing this forum, and Philippe Lamberts for hosting us at the European Parliament.

We are proud to have participated in these discussions at the heart of Europe. Let's build a more inclusive society together!

"I had the opportunity to do an internship at Play 4 Peace alongside Ayman. During this period I had the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects and this allowed me to develop professionally but also personally. Play 4 Peace is a family that made me understand several things that will be useful to me throughout my life. I cannot thank Ayman enough for his kindness, his support and his sharing. It is an association which will remain engraved forever in me and I am proud to have been able to bring my little touch. "

Rafael Veloso
Former intern


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