Conference by Ayman Ramdain

Conference by Ayman Ramdani

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Play4Peace, and to celebrate this significant milestone, Ayman has agreed, for the first time, to share his personal story and the journey that has led him to support over 20,000 young people.

Ayman, whose life has been marked by challenges from a young age, including severe stuttering and frequent epilepsy seizures, has transformed into a leader and visionary in the nonprofit sector. His talk offered a rare and deep insight into his resilience and journey that led him to found Play4Peace in 2014 following the death of his father. His story has become a compelling testimony to how strength of character and determination can turn personal obstacles into a source of inspiration and action for others.

This evening was filled with inspiring anecdotes, life lessons, and reflections on the impact of Play4Peace over the past decade. It was also a true moment of exchange, emotion, and joy, where participants had the opportunity to meet other members of our community, share experiences, and forge valuable connections.

Thank you, Ayman, for this truly inspiring sharing!

"Working with Play4Peace was a real privilege. We had to deal with a passionate and motivated team who want to help young people to create links and to develop personally. Objectives particularly important in this cosmopolitan city that is Brussels. Play4Peace to me. recalled that you must always keep an open mind in all circumstances. I have fond memories of this and I hope to be able to collaborate with them again in the future."

Ihecs student - Member of the Hackathon team who worked on the strategy of our new communication.


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