Play4Peace Annual Report


Play4Peace Annual Report in 2022

• In 2022, 34 young people found a student job or an internship thanks to Play4Peace
• 324 Young people participated in our 7 Weekly Sports Activities
• 120 young members of the Brussels Sport Youth Leader (BSYL Youth Committee)

  • More than 900 participants in our Inspirational Talks / Trainings / Events / Meetings & Multicultural Meals for over 14 yo's.
  • With just over 300 hours of coaching, 60 young people received an average of 5 hours of personal follow-up through our 4 Peace Coachings for over 14 yo's.
  • Despite the restrictive and eclectic circumstances of recent years, Play4Peace has been able to keep its course by using creativity to adapt in order to continue to support the growing number of young people, who very often the health situation will unfortunately still have a little more weakened. This strength of resilience and determination will have allowed him to experience great victories!

The year 2022 was marked by the arrival of a new employee, two new projects/training, a new sports program, great events and new collaborations. As well as the celebrations of our first 3 graduates!

The year 2022 was therefore a year of celebration in the history of Play4Peace with the commitment of the very first employee thanks to the support of the Bernheim Foundation, which came to assist the Founding President Ayman Ramdani.


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"I had the opportunity to do an internship at Play 4 Peace alongside Ayman. During this period I had the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects and this allowed me to develop professionally but also personally. Play 4 Peace is a family that made me understand several things that will be useful to me throughout my life. I cannot thank Ayman enough for his kindness, his support and his sharing. It is an association which will remain engraved forever in me and I am proud to have been able to bring my little touch. "

Rafael Veloso
Former intern


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