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Play4Peace live on BX1

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Every Sunday afternoon, dynamic host Jamal Fadil plunges us into the heart of Brussels sporting events in his show, "Le Club du Dimanche". Sunday May 21, 2023 was no exception, as the Play4Peace team had the opportunity to share its story and ambitions in this must-see sports program.

On the Play4Peace side, it was two extraordinary young people, Lamiae and Yassine, who took the floor. They gave us a valuable insight into their experiences as young members of the association. 

But that wasn't all. Louis-Dorsan van Caloen, Director of the Play4Peace Academy, shared with the audience the reasons behind the creation of this innovative academy. This exciting new initiative promises to provide young people with the essential skills to succeed in today's ever-changing world.

And there's more. Sophie Dessilly, Deputy Director of the Bernheim Foundation, also appeared on the show. She shared information about BRUSEP, a think tank of which Play4Peace is a member. This think tank is supported by the Bernheim Foundation and aims to promote sport as a key vector for socio-professional inclusion. Its commitment to the future of young people through sport is an essential element in the sustainable development of our society.

In short, Play4Peace's appearance on "Le Club du Dimanche" on BX1 was a great opportunity for the association to showcase its outstanding work, while also highlighting its active role within BRUSEP, the far-reaching think tank that aims to transform the landscape of socio-professional inclusion through sport. If you missed the live broadcast, we encourage you to listen again. You'll discover how Play4Peace, alongside partners such as the Fondation Bernheim, strives to break down barriers and create a promising future for Brussels' youth. Stay tuned to Play4Peace and its innovative initiatives that are transforming the lives of young people in our community.

"Working with Play4Peace was a real privilege. We had to deal with a passionate and motivated team who want to help young people to create links and to develop personally. Objectives particularly important in this cosmopolitan city that is Brussels. Play4Peace to me. recalled that you must always keep an open mind in all circumstances. I have fond memories of this and I hope to be able to collaborate with them again in the future."

Ihecs student - Member of the Hackathon team who worked on the strategy of our new communication.


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