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Mentor-Mentee Duos: Invaluable Support for Future Entrepreneurs

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At the heart of Play4Peace's mission is a deep commitment to young people who have had fewer opportunities growing up, a desire to break down the social and cultural barriers that hinder them and equip them with the tools to succeed. The Play4Peace Academy, our first pre-incubator, embodies this vision by providing young people with a unique opportunity to learn, grow and create their own professional future.

One of the most inspiring aspects of the Academy is the mentor-mentee duo program. This system, designed to build meaningful connections between ambitious young people and experienced mentors, plays a vital role in achieving our goals. It's not just about pairing a mentor with a student, but about creating a strong partnership based on trust, sharing and mutual growth.

The goal of Mentor-Mentee duos
The ultimate goal of our mentor-mentee duos is to prepare our young students to become fulfilled, confident and competent entrepreneurs. The idea is to bridge the gap between inspiration for entrepreneurship and the incubation of a successful start-up. Often, young people are full of ambition and ideas, but they lack the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to turn these dreams into reality. This is where our mentors come in.

Unique opportunities for young people
In addition to the valuable discussions and exchanges between mentors and mentees, our young people have already had the chance to live unique experiences. Some of them visited companies, participated in meetings, attended conferences and were even present for project launches. These practical opportunities further strengthen young people's learning and prepare them to meet the challenges of the professional world.

Breaking down social and cultural barriers
Our mentor-mentee duos embody the idea that opportunities should not be limited by origin or social situation. They prove that entrepreneurial success is accessible to everyone, regardless of their past. This initiative is one step closer to creating a more equitable and inclusive society.

At Play4Peace, we are delighted to see the tangible benefits that our mentor-mentee pairs bring to young people as well as mentors. These partnerships reinforce our commitment to young people, contributing to the emergence of the next generation of confident and skilled entrepreneurs. We continue to work hand in hand with our mentors to inspire and guide our young people, proving that through these joint efforts we can truly break down social and cultural barriers. The past does not determine their future, and every young person can create a positive future.


1. Espoir Pembele Suekas & Loubna Azghoud
2. Abderrahmane Hassani & Ilhème Mechbal
3. Lamiae Ouazzani & Ali Redouane
4. Brendon Memeti & Amel Lavoisier
5. Inssaf El khchine & Zaccaria Aghemio
6. Sarra Tarchouna & Charles-Antoine Huybrechts
7. Dorian Puchalski & Saïd Mellouli
8. Rania Mellouli & Benoit Coppée
9. Naïla Mellouli & Roland Vaxelaire
10. Amal Rezzouk & Badrai Haouari
11. Nisrine Sellami & Nora Bafrouri
12. Lisbeth Jurado Mera & Mimouna Laanan
13. Nada Mhamdi & Mathieu de Lophem
14. Nasser Hafid & Edoardo Agamennone
15. Anas Khajjou & Valentine Berghmans
16. Dina Boulahya & Antoine Woitrin
17. Adam Berrada & Augustin van Rijckevorsel
18. Yassine Aberkane & Hana Amour-Bachiri
19. Maria Vukzaj & Frederik Dedigon
20. Amina El Yagoubi & Sofia Trénor Michelena 

"Working with Play4Peace was a real privilege. We had to deal with a passionate and motivated team who want to help young people to create links and to develop personally. Objectives particularly important in this cosmopolitan city that is Brussels. Play4Peace to me. recalled that you must always keep an open mind in all circumstances. I have fond memories of this and I hope to be able to collaborate with them again in the future."

Ihecs student - Member of the Hackathon team who worked on the strategy of our new communication.


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