Workshop with Amazon


In early July, we organized workshops with Amazon.

Nine dedicated Amazon team members joined us to work with a group of twelve young adults. Together, we devoted our time to helping them shape their future careers. We worked on their resumes, prepared them for job interviews, and reviewed their LinkedIn profiles. Our goal was simple but powerful: to strengthen their chances of success in the job market.

The collaboration was part of Amazon Brussels' first-ever 'Impact Week' with Play4Peace and Canal It Up.

It was an enriching experience, where skills and knowledge shared opened new doors for our young people.

We are already looking forward to the next 'Impact Week' and are determined to continue offering our young people opportunities for personal and professional development. Our commitment to their success remains unwavering, and we are grateful to Amazon employees for their invaluable contribution to this inspiring initiative.

"Play4Peace contributes to my personal development in many areas (non-exhaustive list): at the intrapersonal level, I develop new skills through the training and responsibilities offered, at the interpersonal level I make enriching encounters and academically I can study at the Play4Peace House in optimal conditions. Participating in organized activities and events is always a golden opportunity! "

Moussia Garelik
Student in human and social sciences at ULB


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